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Cleans and brightens stainless steel surfaces.
Removes dirt, finger marks, water stains. Leaves a lustrous
shiny protective film.

COMPOSITION: Aliphatic Solvent Blend

SIDES EFFECTS and SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS: If skin or eye contact happens, it may cause irritation.
In case of inhalation, it may cause irritation to the respiratory tract, light headaches, dizziness, nausea.
Harmful if swallowed.

WHERE TO USE: On all types of stainless steel for polishing purposes (kitchen, and other area such as house keeping…)

HOW TO USE: VIT SS can be sprayed or applied to the surface using a soft rag. Burnish lightly and remove any excess cleaner with a dry cloth. For best results, if the surface is very dirty, Preclean the surface with AUTOSCRUB 70 from LIFE and dry rinse, before applying VIT SS.

WHY TO USE: Vit SS is economical, effective and convenient.

PROPERTY: A product specially formulated to clean and brighten stainless steel surfaces. Removes dirt, finger marks, water stains and leaves a lustrous protective film that makes the stainless steel shine.

Available in 500mL