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Rust and Limestone remover.
Used on Ceramic, Porcelain and Stamped Concrete.

COMPOSITION: Anionic disinfectant <5%, phosphoric acid, Water, Frangrance, Dye.

SIDES EFFECTS and SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS: If contact with skin, flush with water;
if contact with eyes rinse heavily.
If swallowed, DO NOT Induce Vomiting, give 3 glasses of milk or water and get medical attention IMMEDIATELY.

WHERE TO USE: Toilet Bowls, Urinals, showers, bath, sink, ceramics, and porcelain. Can be used on vitreous surfaces and enameled surfaces.. Also, on chrome and other synthetic material (stamped concrete).

HOW TO USE: For scum and rust residues: Squirt at least one ounce under rim and around sides. Allow to stand for several minutes. Scrub entire surface with a bowl mop, flush, and rinse. For water tank (of toilet) apply the product over surface of box, let stand before swabbing with wet bowl mop, refill and flush 2 times.

WHY TO USE: Designed for toilet bowl cleaning, provides greater contact time for effective germ killing and quick removal of rust, scum, scale and stains. Kills odor causing bacteria, gentle on surfaces, mild cleaner, germicidal. Harmless on Chrome and stainless steel.
WARNING: Never use on natural surfaces.

PROPERTY: Germicide, disinfectant.

DILUTION: Can be used directly or be diluted.

Available in 800mL, 4L, 30L and 205L