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removes fingerprints, light soils, evaporates rapidly.

COMPOSITION/INGREDIENTS: IPA - Butnyl Glycol - Dye - Water

SIDES EFFECTS and SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS: If contact with eyes, flush immediately for 10 minutes.
If contact with skin, rinse with plenty of water.
If ingested, do not induce vomiting, get medical attention.

WHERE TO USE: Windows and mirrors, synthetic surfaces, auto glass, bathroom fixtures, glass desk tops, vending machines.
safe on most surfaces.

HOW TO USE: Spray on and wipe off. Apply to surface as a light spray. Wipe away soils and smudges.

WHY TO USE: Tackle large cleaning jobs with the concentrated strength of this versatile glass and all-surface cleaner. It’s an economical solution that removes fingerprints, smudges and other soils from glass - plus it can be used as a light-duty cleaner for all your water-washable surfaces.

PROPERTY: Remove fingerprints, light soils, evaporate rapidly.

DILUTION: Can be used directly or be diluted, otherwise, 1 container can make up to 3, according to dirt.

Available in 1L bottles and 205L Barrels