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Non-Acid Toilet Bowl Cleaner and Deodorizer.

COMPOSITION: Anionic disinfectant<5% , EDTA, ethanol, dye, fragrance, water.

SIDES EFFECTS and SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS: If contact with skin, flush with water;
if contact with eyes rinse heavily.
If swallowed, DO NOT Induce Vomiting, give 3 glasses of milk or water and get medical attention IMMEDIATELY.

WHERE TO USE: Washroom, toilet, sink, ceramic, porcelain. Harmless on Chrome. Do not use on natural surfaces.

HOW TO USE: Flush to remove heavy soils. Squirt at least 2oz. under rim and around sides. Allow to stand several minutes. Scrub entire surface with a bowl mop. Flush and rinse.

WHY TO USE: Clean and deodorize without harsh oxidizers with this environmentally preferred bowl cleaning formulation. It’s a non-acidic cleaner that deodorizes as it removes stains and scum. Plus it’s safe to use on everything from toilet bowls to tile, sinks, showers and bathroom fixtures. Just apply, let stand, scrub and rinse.

PROPERTY: Non-Acid Toilet Bowl Cleaner and Deodorizer.

DILUTION: Can be used directly or be diluted, otherwise, 1 container can make up to 5, according to dirt.

Available in 4L, 25L & 205L