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Supreme Degreaser
Unique formula that dissolves burned oil.
Can be used for fryers, grills, pans, hood-filters...


SIDES EFFECTS and SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS: If contact with skin, rinse with water;
if contact with eyes rinse heavily.
If swallowed, DO NOT INCLUDE VOMITING, give 3 glasses of mils or water and get medical attention IMMEDIATELY.
Caution: If taken to evaporation point, can cause inhalation irritation. Do not use on aluminum.

WHERE TO USE: Oven, fryer, grills, oven plates, pans, hood-filter...

HOW TO USE: Spray the product on warm surface (about 55 to 75 deg Celsius), let it work, leave it for few instants, and then rinse heavily.

WHY TO USE: Removes all the burned oil residues.

PROPERTY: Unique formula that helps dissolves the burned oil on cooking surfaces.

DILUTION: Direct use.

Available in 1L & 205L