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Autoscrub 70
Superior Detergency and Solver. Easy rinsing, Controlled foam, Faster penetration, Soil removable Stainless Steel, Floor, Walls, Pot Wash, Working Tables

COMPOSITION: EDTA - sodium metasilicate - dye - butylglycol – Water

SIDES EFFECTS & SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS: If contact with skin, flush with water; if contact with eyes rinse heavily. If swallowed, DO NOT Induce Vomiting, give 3 glasses of milk or water and get medical attention IMMEDIATELY.

HOW TO USE: Apply the product; leave it for few instants, let it work before rinsing and wiping the surface..
You can add Autoscrub 70 with dishwashing soap for dish and pot wash. Cleaning performance is enhanced through the use of hot water and mechanical agitation.

WHY TO USE: It effectively removes oil, grease, dirt, calcium soap films, grime and stains with free rinsing action.
Safe for cleaning of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

PROPERTY: Powerful cleaner and degreaser, fast penetration, controlled foam, multiple versatility.

DILUTION: Depends on greasiness level.

Available in 1L, 4L, 25L & 205L